Great websites start with quality design

As brand-growth experts, Paraph works with your growing business to strengthen your brand and establish a quality online presence through the use of a responsive WordPress content management system (CMS).

Paraph provides professional consultation to select an appropriate WordPress theme template and helps customise and build an installation that suits your individual businesses needs at a cost that fits your budget. Combine that with over 20 years design industry experience in print, signage and screen and you’ll find your brand and identity are in safe hands.

Partner your professionally designed site with one of our hosting and maintenance packages and rest safe in the knowledge that your site not only looks great but is securely hosted and maintained.

4tify is a suite of WordPress services offered by Paraph to safeguard your investment in your WordPress website.

Wordpress Services Overview

Offering Hosting, Maintenance, Backup, Security and Much More


Our 4tify Hosting and wordpress services are run on a scaleable virtual private server (VPS) that we control to safeguard and maximise your WordPress installation. It also means that there are no surprises when transferring your WordPress installation as we don’t use quirky proprietary software or control panels. Instead, we provide you with an industry standard cPanel account that we manage on your behalf.

Just like on your desktop computer, items that add functionality to your site from time-to-time require updates to improve functionality, fix bugs or patch security issues. We keep an eye out for updates and implement them as they are released.

And because we only host trusted WordPress websites, we include regular weekly checks and updates to the WordPress core, theme and plugins as part of your base installation. This ensures that sites hosted on our servers are the safest they can be.

You’ll be thankful you have a backup when you need it most


Updates and plugins can create conflicts and mistakes can be made when updating content, that’s why we also offer weekly off-site backups of your full site and daily backups of the database. With 4tify Recover you can rest assured that down-time is minimised in the event of anything going wrong.

Wordpress Services - recovery
Wordpress Services - lock-down

Site Lock-Down

Need more protection and security from unwanted brute force attacks? With 4tify Secure we provide a 34-point security check and site lock-down that makes it that much harder for hackers to gain access to your site. We also perform daily malware scans and alert you of any security breaches.

Shield against would-be attackers

Need more?

If you’re looking for more than just standard hosting packages we also offer a range of premium add-ons. We offer more comprehensive customised services including ongoing content creation, social media customisation and management, search engine optimisation, Google AdWords, analytics reporting, hosting upgrades, hack cleanup, site rescue and premium technical support.

These premium services can be added using any of our WordPress Service Packs either on a one-off service plan or a monthly subscription tailored to your needs.

Just One Number to Call

What could be simpler? With 4tify your designer, web developer and host are just one phone call away.