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Select from one of our three hosting packages and receive up to 15% discount on any of the subscription or pre-purchased credits.

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Sign up to a 4tify subscription plan and receive a discounted price on site maintenance costs. A subscription is great if you know you have a regular need for site maintenance and updates outside of our regular hosting maintenance. Check out our premium add-ons for the sort of services you can use your credit on.

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If you’re after a discounted fee for your site maintenance but don’t want to lock into a monthly subscription, then you can’t go past our pre-purchased credits. With a lengthy expiration date you can choose to use your credits incrementally or all at once.

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Receive 12 months free 4tify Recover Hosting when you have your site redesigned by Paraph and sign up to a 4tify Hosting Plan.

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Add any of Premium Add-ons using our WordPress Service Packs and tailor them to suit your website. Check out to see a few of the services we already offer.