We recently completed updating client sites to the latest release of WordPress 4.9.

WordPress 4.9 “Tipton”

As always and to ensure a smooth transition to the latest version of WordPress we follow some simple rules before upgrading to the latest WordPress core.

Here’s what we do to safely upgrade WordPress core to the latest version:

  1. First we wait. New versions and updates tend to bring with them a few bugs and hiccups. So rather than upgrade straight after a new version release we wait for the dust to settle and keep our eyes out for any issues within the WordPress community. You also want to make sure before doing any major site updates that you create a full backup. Nothing worse than finding half-way through an update that your site breaks and no way to reverse what you’ve done.
  2. Plugins first. One thing we notice after a security or core update is that after waiting a few days there’s usually a flurry of plugins being updated to resolve some conflicts with the latest update. That’s why step one, wait a while, is so important.
  3. Theme next. Just like plugins, a well supported theme may require some tweaks by the developer to remove any code conflicts. You’ll find that even if you use the default WordPress themes that these will be updated along with the core. You can choose to upgrade these before you update the core or have the core update force the upgrade.
  4. Safely Upgrade WordPress Core. You should now be right to update your core WordPress files. After the update you’ll be redirected to a ‘what’s new’ page explaining some of the new features.

Word has it that the next major update to WordPress 5.0 may include Gutenberg, which is set to revolutionise how blog posts are created. There have been some reservations about it’s inclusion by some of the major theme developers with fears of themes breaking. Rest assured though that we will be reviewing this major new upgrade before transitioning client sites.