Service Termination: 6 March 2020








 licenses.that lead As owner and operator of Paraph and 4tify Hosting, I made the decision over a year ago to return to full-time employment. I continued to provide you with the same quality hosting services but have now decided to cease its operation, too.

4tify Hosting was conceived out of a need to better service Paraph clients and provide a single point of contact for hosting and graphic design services. 4tify Hosting eventually grew to include Tracktion customers, too.

Started as a premium managed hosting service for WordPress websites our focus was on quality cPanel hosting and a secure website environment. The service also included managing your WordPress installation. We kept your website secure, kept plugins up‑to‑date and ran regular scheduled backups to a third-party server.

Not only did this reduce the likelihood of unauthorised access, malicious attacks and phishing scams but also server blacklisting.

So where to now?

I’ve taken the liberty of researching independent WordPress hosting providers and have selected WP Hosting as a suitable replacement for hosting your website and, dependent on your needs, recommend their Business hosting package which includes server security, 10GB storage, unlimited traffic and a 30-day server backup.

You will need to maintain your website if you want to keep an optimal and secure installation. This means you will need to log in to your site periodically to make sure plugins, themes and the WordPress core remain up-to-date. We’ll provide you with an instruction sheet on how you can perform site maintenance. If you choose to host with WP Hosting you will retain your license to your Divi Premium theme (valued at US$89 per year), which means you can keep your theme up-to-date at no charge.

Your new hosting will include daily backups for up to 45 days depending on your hosting package so you will no longer need the BackupBuddy plugin. If anything should go wrong while performing updates or maintenance on your site you can request WP Hosting to reinstate your site from the backup. Plus, if you choose to switch to WP Hosting we will take care of the migration at no charge.

What if I want to choose my own host?

There is no obligation to switch to WP Hosting and you’re welcome to select your own provider. If you do I can provide you with your cPanel login details so your new host can complete the transfer for you (any 3rd party migration charges will not be covered by 4tify Hosting).

In addition, you will need to purchase a licence for your Divi Premium Theme and, if your host doesn’t provide server backups, the iThemes BackupBuddy plugin, links are provided below. A commission will be paid to 4tify for any referrals to the purchase of Divi and BackupBuddy licenses.

Please provide written confirmation by filling in the form at the bottom of this post and include the requested information to complete the transfer.

No matter which option you choose 4tify hosting will discontinue its services on COB 6 March 2020. If you fail to make any arrangements before this deadline your website will no longer be visible.

I will continue to monitor your site transfer, perform updates and security checks for the duration of your existing contract with 4tify Hosting unless you request a pro‑rata refund.

Please feel free to contact me direct if you have any questions. Thank you for choosing to host your website with 4tify.

Yours Sincerely

Friedo Ligthart
Mobile: 0417 316 641

A commission will be paid to 4tify for any referrals to the purchase of Divi and BackupBuddy licenses.

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